Automatic parking system MODULO SINGLE PLATFORM is a device that duplicates the number of spaces in an independent manner. This means that the entry and exit of the vehicle from any platform MODULO SINGLE is not dependent on other users of the parking platform. 

With the founding of the parking system MODULO is designed for use by persons that have assigned place on the parking platform directly to each other. If the system is to be applied to the use of partially public for example. place the bottom on the parking platform is dedicated, and the upper designed for universal use-parking MODULO SINGLE must be configured appropriately. This functionality allows you to easily manage parking spaces for example. the staid confines of offices or shopping malls, where in addition to employees, the Park will also be visitors or customers.

MODULO ensures ease of use and safety-both for the user and parked vehicles. Thanks to the use of modern hydraulic systems, which unlike electric, use electricity only during parking the vehicle, automatic parking systems MODULO are completely environmentally friendly