Technical Card MULTI 9
MODULO MULTI 9 is the automatic parking system, which belongs to a group of parking lots. independent. This means that you parked vehicle is not dependent on parked car already. MODULO MULTI 9 thanks to its modular design lets you adjust the amount of spaces to the individual needs of the client. The parking system is designed for developers and investors, who can easily integrate in your investment project, by placing it inside the building, as well as a detached object.

MODULO MULTI 9 is completely copyright solution. Carefully selected hydraulic components, as well as technologically advanced industrial automation systems make it MODULO provide ease of use and safety-both for the user and parked vehicles. Thanks to the use of modern hydraulic systems, which unlike electric, use electricity only in the course of vehicle parking, automatic parking systems MODULO are completely environmentally friendly.

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