Automatic Parking Systems

Automatic parking systems MODULO is the effective solution to the problem of parking in congested urban areas, and more. MODULO systems are ideal in a built-up city. Thanks to the modular construction of car parks MODULO allow you to reproduce existing spaces even several times.

Automatic parking systems MODULO can be used as a modern garage for cars. Can be an integral part of the building, and an independent free-standing object also. Using automatic parking systems MODULO during the implementation of residential buildings or office space, MODULO will help to increase the attractiveness of such objects, and therefore to a greater interest in buying and leasing in such objects.

MODULO is completely copyright solution. Carefully selected hydraulic components, as well as technologically advanced industrial automation systems make it MODULO provide ease of use and safety-both for the user and parked vehicles. Thanks to the use of modern hydraulic systems, which unlike electric, use electricity only during parking the vehicle, automatic parking systems MODULO are completely environmentally friendly.

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