Impact crushers are designed for crushing medium hard materials – such as: clinker, sandstone, coal, limestone, etc. Crushers of this type consist of a shared body of work on bearing, which are mounted rotor antifriction Terminal hammers (hammers). Suspended inside of the body are moving pendulum. The body is plates by covering structure.
Impact crushers are designed for grinding hard and medium hard. Dolomite, granite, limestone, clinker, sandstone, coal. These materials may not, however, have pollution clay in more than 15% and a maximum humidity of 20%. These crushers are used to prepare materials for road construction, railway embankments, as well as for grinding materials, subject to further processing in other devices, for example. in Mills.

For rapid exchange of parts of the body uses the split opened using hydraulic or mechanical lifting devices belonging to the equipment. Rotor crusher is powered by an electric motor. Crusher is characterized by a compact and simple design with relatively small dimensions, and used for its construction materials provide high durability parts. Crusher in the special can crush hard materials, such as pebbles, etc



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