To meet the new challenges of modernization the road infrastructure and environmental standards MAKRUM Project Management developed the first polish Granulator of  Reclaimed Asphalt.  We have to present a unique, modern, pro-ecological crusher to cut asphalt.  Granulator of reclaimed asphalt is characterized by high performance and low energy consumption. Modern technology  and use of specially selected and specially designed components make this machine is working in wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. The machine operator thanks to modern dashboard has full control over the final product - with reclaimed asphalt.

This machine has been designed according to the latest trends in materials, providing up to long cycles use consumables, leaving a large ergonomics during use and maintenance. An additional advantage of the granulator reclaimed asphalt is the full adjustment of the joints and adjust the rollers that allows you to get the desired asphalt granulate in every phase of production.

Technical Card of Asphalt Granulator


Granulator reclaimed asphalt has a modular structure. That means the granulator can be part of a production on a technological line of asphalt granulate, in both fixed and mobile platforms.

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